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Windhoek Resort Bonaire ****

!! Limited offer !! 50% DISCOUNT

Limited offer!

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50% website discount
Airport pickup
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High speed Wi-Fi
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From kite school to resort

Roan Jaspars and Freek Hoving are the proud owners of Windhoek Resort Bonaire. A few years ago, the two men exchanged their successful kite school on Bonaire for Windhoek Resort Bonaire. ’After running the kite school for fourteen years, we wanted to start something new’, Roan explains. ‘We sold the kite school and started the construction of this boutique resort in 2015. The Dutch word “Windhoek” refers to the trade winds on Bonaire, Freek and I enjoy so much. We are still crazy about kiting. Just like many of our guests, by the way.

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