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Bonaire is located in the Caribbean Sea, not far from the coast of South America. Together with the neighboring islands Aruba and Curaçao, Bonaire is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The official language on the island is Dutch, as the local language is Papiamentu. Almost everyone on the island knows how to express themselves in English or Spanish.   

Although Bonaire is a small island, there is a lot going on. A major part of the island has been a protected nature reserve since the late sixties. The underwater world is largely unaffected and the ever-present trade winds make Bonaire one of the most desired kite and windsurf spots worldwide.

Bonaire has lots of great restaurants in different price ranges. The coastline is unspoilt and great for a wonderful day out in nature. When you feel like it, you can spend a luxurious day in one of the trendy beach clubs on the island. There are no highways or traffic lights on the Bonaire. When you must make a stop, it will probably be for a donkey or goat crossing the road. The atmosphere on Bonaire is casual and laid-back.

Bonaire’s time zone is GMT/UTC - 4. The local currency is US Dollar. ATMs are available in various places, including the arrival hall at the airport.